Our Audience Response System is a powerful learning and presentation tool ideal for corporate meetings and conferences, medical and scientific congresses, workshops, trainings, sales presentation or focus group researches.

Key features:
  • Collect anonymous or tracked feedback
  • Results are immediately gathered and displayed in graphs just a few seconds later
  • Seamlessly integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint - interactive presentation slides
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Session time can be set flexibly and individually 
  • Easy to delete and restart polling session
  • Detailed reporting allow speakers to evaluate presentations and audience assessment
  • View responses by demographic type, consumer behavior or any other data slicing 
  • Can act as electronic surveys, gauge audience assessment, gather valuable attendee data, create team or individual competitions
  • Engage Audience with interaction, gain their attention
  • Gather information that can provide you with insight into participants' point of view
  • Confirm participant understanding of the most important points right away
  • Increase participants attentiveness and comprehension
  • Create an active learning environment rather than passive listening
  • Understand the issues before you begin and confirm understanding before you close
  • Enhance presentation skills and simulation activities
  • Increase sales productivity
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